Friday, April 13, 2007

Half-Marathons and Such

Being deployed in Oklahoma City, I've heard a lot of advertisements for the 7th Annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. I've decided to run it, contrary to my good sense and my body.

Training has been interesting. It turns out that my girlfriend's hopes for me working out were not in vain after all. ALMOST every day, I have worked out (cardio) at my hotel's fitness room. That in itself is surprising, considering that the only equipment in the fitness room are two treadmills, an eliptical, and a stationary bike. I dread the thought of coming home from work, only to get worn out by running 3 or 4 miles at a marathon-pace...but once I'm actually running, it ain't that bad.

One of my pet peeves when working out is having to carry around my wallet so I have some kind of identification if anything bad happens. Thankfully, I came across RoadID, which sells engraved ID tags that you can wear on your ankle, wrist, or shoe (as well as other safety features). Now I can leave my wallet behind, and go out running, knowing that first responders have my emergency information to be guided by. Check out the link if you're interested.

With two weeks to go until the 13.1 mile race, I'm feeling fairly confident in my abilities to finish the race. The only thing holding me back is procrastination and my inability to manage portion control.

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