Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tornado Alley

Thursday and Friday were busy days for Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska; severe weather moved along a stationary front, bringing tornadoes, flooding, and hail.

Being the unofficial weatherman at the disaster field office in an eastern suburb of Oklahoma City, my eyes were glued to radar screens, television stations, and my ears perked anytime a NOAA weather radio sounded. Much to our surprise, a tornado touched down in northwest Oklahoma City on Thursday. Being in tornado alley, you come to expect the worst, and you come prepared.

To make matters worse on Friday, my girlfriend was traveling home from school in west central Texas. Severe weather pounded the region, and multiple tornado warnings were issued for counties that she was in and counties that she was traveling through. Thank God, she made it back to San Antonio safely.

The disaster field office is still awaiting damage estimates in Clovis, New Mexico for a tornado they had earlier in the month. Maybe I'll be deployed there...or maybe I'll remain in Oklahoma for another month. Only time and damage estimates will tell.